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Since the fourteenth century Trompe l‘oeil ceilings, which translates as “trick the eye” have been asking their viewers to question the nature of art, perception and perspective. Important artists from the renaissance period onwards have been developing this art form in Italy, France, Holland and Belgium, handing down their expertise for over 700 years, handing this skillset down to our talented artists.

The flax and linen craftsmen from Flanders have been regarded as the very best in the world since the thirteenth century. With their unique raw materials and skills leading to Belgium becoming one of the most important trading bases in the world and becoming a global emporium.

In fact, to this day many of the skills and techniques that the Flanders’ mills and weavers use are still highly guarded secrets. How do they manage to produce canvas that can be so perfect, so incredibly large, and yet completely seamless? It’s a trade secret and one only known by our suppliers in Flanders.

It is this incredible history, skillset and important location that have made Volta possible. We could write pages on the history because it is truly fascinating, but we will save that for our news section later.

Volta are incredibly proud of our history within the art world and the interior design world. We use techniques that have been perfected over centuries to create modern and traditional ceilings alike, working from the vision of our clients and our artists, we design and paint ceilings to fulfill the wildest of dreams or the simplest of rooms.

"Volta appreciates and honours the past, but we don’t live in it"