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VR at Decorex


Volta VR At Decorex

For one of the most important Interior Design exhibitions of 2015, Decorex, Volta had one of the four centre stages and impressed an audience of over 15,000 visitors.

A craftsman on the stand painted a canvas over the course of the show, whilst, suspended above, completed ceilings were shown in situ. These surround a central area onto which constantly changing ceiling images were beamed.

With a theme of ‘The Future of Luxury’ at this year’s exhibition, Volta developed a VR experience where guests were invited to take a Virtual tour through a selection of incredible rooms and were able to view the unique Volta ceilings on their journey, looking all around 360 degrees of this new world.

Ancient as it is, this classical art form has now made the move into contemporary interiors.

If you would like to see Volta in the real world or the Virtual World, contact us.